Who cares about 14th February (otherwise known as Valentine’s Day) when less than a week later it’s National Random Act of Kindness Day (last Sunday)! The funnest day of the year (discounting for Christmas, birthdays, long weekends and the day you go on holiday)! To celebrate this wonderful occasion, we’ve put together a list of the loveliest, funnest random acts of kindness that we’ve encountered at All About Food. Warning: if you don’t like nice things, look away now (also, who doesn’t like nice things?! You monster)


Valentine’s Day!

How wonderful of Jane to bring in an array of sweets, chocolates and balloons for the office. She left some mini Love Hearts on everyone’s desk for when they arrived, which were DAMN SCRUMMY and gave everyone a little Valentine’s Day buzz. Hurrah to Jane!

Pizza Party for Luke!

When someone has a success, we pizza. Luke, upon completing a out-of-hours English Language qualification, Sam put on a pizza making party for Luke to celebrate completing the course. This included making our own dough fresh from the start, and there were all the toppings you can imagine under the SUN provided. All that was left was to create the pizza delight for ourselves. Results varied.

Baby shower time!

We’re always so happy and excited when people announce to us that they’re pregnant, it’s such a lovely and delightful thing! But what we’re also always excited for is to do our surprise baby shower. We’ve done this for Sophie, Clair, Laura, Hannah and even this week we hosted a baby shower for Lucy who is leaving us this week for the rest of the year. These showers have included cake, games and even once a miniature horse (long story) and more. Baby shower day is truly a funky fun experience.

Lunch, glorious lunch

So often in the office someone is cooking up a storm, of which every now and again they decide to so selflessly include everyone else in their lunch plans. We’ve had pasta (Neil), we’ve had lasagna (Luke and Jess), we’ve been indulged in burgers, butties and baked goods and everything under the sun. Lunches are the best acts of kindness a Foodie ever did do.

Sweets for days!

You should see the state of our kitchen counter on a Monday or a Friday afternoon, with the packets of sweets, treats and chocolates scattered around from the kettle to the sink and back again. Percy Pigs? We got em. Cake? Sure, have two. Crisps? Of course. If you need a pick me up, someone in the office will have bought a snack for that. YUMMY!