As you may well remember, last year we brought to you the now-infamous ‘Top Potato-based food’ list (if you haven’t seen it, don’t get involved it will only enrage you!) on the blog, to much confusion and general potato anger. Foodies far and wide raised their complaints, but potato list means potato list and the choices of the (select) people was final.

So, you may ask, why does All About Food, a company about food but also with 40+ Foodies continue to talk about food so often even with such disagreement. Well for one, we love it. But for two we also love listing things. So next on our agenda for discussion? Our favourite chocolate bars and biscuits.

This, unlike potatogate, was more of a general heated chat, than a heated listing. The question “what is your favourite chocolate item?” started a great discussion and told us a little about everyone.

People’s choices:

Interestingly, Christine’s choice was the hearty Creme Egg. A solid choice, the sweet seasonal snack was described by Christine as “Oooh, just lovely. I love them!” Many people agreed, including Luke who announced he could probably eat 10 in a row. So look out for a blog purely on Luke’s Creme Egg illness around Easter time.

Luke’s shout for favourite chocolate item was, though, in fact not a Creme Egg. He chose Kit Kat. The classic chocolate is “perfect for dunking in tea or eating at lunch” said Luke. This choice raised but one question: if he could eat 10 Creme Eggs, how many Kit Kats could he eat? It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Next, Joe popped his head up. “Jaffa cakes!”, he said. Whilst this was an OK choice, said the 10 Foodies who had now assembled, it wasn’t the best. “They’re too bready and not jelly-y enough” said Tom, who now campaigns for a bigger jelly-to-bread/biscuit on Jaffa Cake ratio within the biscuit community.  

See, this is where it gets confusing. Imogen, Emily and Ellie just started shouting random chocolate bars at the top of their voices as each and every tasty treat passed their mind. “Dairy Milk! Boost! Twix!” and many more we can’t even remember. At this point, the discussion was beginning to turn messy.

After raising the chocolate discussion, Dale makes his way over to the group to remind us he can’t eat chocolate until next November because he’s off the good stuff and we all kinda feel guilty for a few seconds before remembering chocolate is awesome. Tony drops a bombshell that Toffee Crisp is his favourite. Like we’re living in 1997 or something.

The final memorable shout comes from Tessa who states that Caramac buttons (not the bar) are her favourite item (not technically chocolate but we allowed it as they come from the same aisle) and shocked the whole room. Whilst sure, they’re really delicious, nobody was quite sure what to make of this choice. This was when Nancy whacked out the shout of a Tim Tam – an Australian chocolate bar that was described as like a Penguin bar but “way better and more chocolatey”.

After this 10 minute (…honestly) discussion, we all realised that we were getting hungry and the chocolate choices were beginning to become worldwide (what with the Australian shout), so we decided that we’d probably best get back to work before we waste the day away.

What’s your favourite chocolate bar? If you have any fresh ideas, give us a shout!