It’s January! There’s so much to do, so much to unpick. When do we all go back to work (by the time you’re reading this you’re probably already back, and if you’re not WHY AREN’T YOU BACK?!)? What day is it? Why do we keep writing ‘2018’ as the date (trick: nobody writes things down anymore)? And other things. And it’s these many other things that make January a really tough month to handle. So why on Earth do we need people telling us to eat healthily and try and become a ‘new you’ during the most stressful and lame part of the year!? Well that’s our point exactly! So here, to save you from the bland diet chat of January, is our biggest, fullest and most exciting treats from our brands. Eat up, food lovers!

Chipotle Meatball & Guacamole Tacos – Wahaca

What are the two perfect things on a taco? We’ll call it, the answer is meatballs and guacamole. Obviously. So what perfect surprise that the recipe we have here is for chipotle meatball and guacamole tacos. This awesomely easy recipe includes you making your own meatballs then stuffing them in a tasty taco. What’s not to love?! The incredible smokey tomato sauce is the perfect addition to this quite frankly excellent dish. For the full recipe, see below.

BBQ Meat Spaghetti – Red’s

A classic, homely recipe with a Red’s twist – spaghetti with lovely chunks of meat (pork or beef) that mixes the Red’s Kansas City BBQ sauce and Judas ketchup to give you a new style of classic spaghetti recipe. Obviously, because it’s Red’s it is super meaty and BBQy, but that’s exactly why it’s on our list. Indulge yourself in this wonderful recipe.

Chilli Stack – Nando’s

Want to make something that super quick ever more super tasty? Of course you do! Here’s the Nando’s chilli stack which takes 5 minutes to make and will provide you with you hit of a) your favourite Nando’s sauce and b) a hearty, warm glow that can only be felt by excellent food. So with this you’re all set! If you like chilli in the formation that looks a bit like a cake but is savoury, you’ve come to the right place. This is awesome and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Avocado and Bacon Burger

We all love burgers, they’re the best, so we couldn’t leave this list without a wonderful GBK burger recipe. It’s got a little bit of healthy in there (avocado and some salad for those who don’t want to feel too guilty) but it mostly indulgent burger goodness. Add a couple of rashers of bacon in there to create the ultimate burger and maybe cheese if you want to go completely crazy. Then enjoy!