So, you may or may not know that on 3rd January 1999, the All About Food timeline began as our founder Phil Lynas created the business. Back then, it was called The Grocery Company, and we only had one brand and one employee. Nando’s and Phil. In actual fact, that’s all we needed, but compared to now – 40+ employees and 8 brands – it was a drop in the ocean.

That drop has now grown to be the ocean itself, and having recently celebrated our 20th (TWENTIETH) birthday and we’re still going strong. So what have some of the highlights of AAF been?

Well firstly we’ve had two offices (and one back room in Phil’s home when we first started in 1999), so moving into our current place, the Tree House, has to be a huge highlight! The size and great vibe of the place is one of the things that makes All About Food what it is. If you’ve ever been (if not, call in! We’d love to see you!) you’ll know what we mean. Colourful, fresh and full of Foodies, what more would we want?

Another highlight is all of the charity events we try to take part in or host. We’re really conscious of labouring the point about how much we genuinely enjoy these events, but the reason we tell you is because we do enjoy them, and there’s no reason we should hide that fact. There’s so much going on behind the scenes that we don’t tell people, but anything we consider too funky to keep to ourselves, we blog about. We’ve had cycle rides around South Africa, a climb up Mt Snowdon, tea parties, decoration of a local homeless shelter and a 24 hour treadmill challenge to name but a few. The thing that links all of these things, apart from the charity element, is the teamwork element. Each event we do each Foodie is involved and each Foodie wants to take part. It isn’t like that in some other places but here we love it! That’s one of our most notable highlights.

Launching new products is always a fun highlight because we get to show the world the end of months and months of hard work to get a great-tasting product on the shelves. Be it coffee from Costa or hummus with Nando’s and all in between, we’re proud of everything we do. Whether it goes right or a little wrong. And as for a little wrong…

OK so sure, there’ve been some things that haven’t exactly gone to plan. But that’s fine, right?! Right! That is fine. We’ve tried a whole bunch of things on the road to success and sometimes things just don’t go right. And that’s given us a load of new learnings. Just don’t mention to ‘M’ word…

20 years is a long time! But 20 years? That’s hard to put into context, so here’s some things that have happened since AAF was founded:

  • The Tate Modern opened in London.
  • Leicester City won the Premier League.
  • Sony have released Playstation 2, 3 and 4.
  • All 8 Harry Potter films have been released.
  • There’s been 5 World Cups and 5 Olympic Games.
  • There are now international footballers younger than AAF.

So to summarise: we’re getting older but we’re nowhere near done. Here’s to another wonderful 20 years and more. Up team AAF!