Well hell! Fancy seeing you here! It’s the end of the year and 2018 has been a really great one! It’s tough to put into words all of the great things we’ve done, all of the tough choices, naff days and lovely moments we’ve had, but everything has meant that 2018 has been unforgettable! And we’re sure it has been for you too. Here’s a few of the thing that have made this year memorable for us!

Charity, community and more!

Our community pillar has always been important to us and this year is no different. We’ve delivered our stock to foodbanks, we’ve donated to great causes chosen by our very own Foodies and made sure that even less of our stock than ever goes to waste. We took part in Comic Relief and Children in Need, baked up a storm for the MacMillan Coffee Morning and climbed Snowdon to benefit The Birchwood Centre. And all that we’ve done has been because our Foodies have made them happen. Awesome!

Brands, Glorious Brands

We’ve taken on two awesome new brands! Costa Coffee, the nation’s favourite coffee store, and Latin delight Las Iguanas made their way into the Tree House with awesome results. Our Costa range is flying off the shelves and our newly-released Las Iguanas range has been featured in Sainsbury’s for a few months, and has been shown awesome love by The Grocer, O.K Magazine and more! Not checked them out yet? There’s your resolution for 2019, right there!

More Foodies, New Space

And because we took on a couple of funky new brands, that meant we had to take on some funky new Foodies, too. 2018 saw our numbers increase and our capacity begin to draw nearer. The office refurb brought us a bunch of new desks, new meeting space and some exciting new decor to freshen the place up a bit. Our numerous new Foodies have helped do that too, ensuring our future into 2019 and beyond is an exciting one!

Christmas Party Time

Our Christmas party this year was super exciting, and combined work (our QBR session) with fun (our boozy and food session) to give us a wonderful 24 hours of fun. Because we work so hard during the year, we like to let ourselves go over the Christmas party break, and this year was no different. Blackjack, roulette and shots of coffee tequila (always on brand) all from the comfort of our hotel in the Lakes. A lovely day with lovely people.

Returning Foodies and Great News

This year saw some more amazing news of new Foodies of a different kind joining the family. Laura had a lovely baby and Lucy announced he pregnancy, whilst Clair, Hannah and Sophie all returned to the business after maternity leave. We’re glad to have them back and to have more little Foodies for the youngsters Christmas party.