We might not have mentioned recently, but we’ve had a really great guy here called Lars. Lars is awesome. He’s been working as our work experience dude giving us a helping hand for the last 4 months. He’s worked with the category team, the marketing team, the finance team and the wider Ops team. He’s become a one-man AAF team in himself!

Well, unfortunately for us, Lars is still at Uni. He goes to Uni in Rotterdam (very exciting!) which means he can’t just stay here forever. Boo!

We had an absolute ball with Lars, who left the business as we left for Christmas break, and we’re missing him already! As one of our first work experience folks, it was great to see him learn and try new things within the business and gain a better understanding of the inner workings of a business such as ours.

Other than you about his time at the Tree House, we thought we’d give him the chance to tell you himself. So, without further adieu, we bring to you: Lars.

“Working at All About Food had been an eye-opening experience. There’s plenty of things you can learn studying but it’s never quite the same as actually working and learning somewhere proper. And the vast array of things I got involved in was awesome from a learning point of view.

One of my favourite things I did whilst I was here was the Tesco/Wahaca brand day down at the Tesco head office. It was essentially a day off giving out free Wahaca tacos and meal kits to the staff on site. It’s cool that AAF does this type of thing, but I found it fun because it meant I got to spend time with Foodies whilst doing something that was part team-building, part having a laugh.

I also loved getting involved with a few things outside of work. The guys here play football every few weeks and it’s nice to have brought some Dutch swagger (if I say so myself) to the matches. I was made to feel welcome from day one and it’s things like this that I loved.

Of course it isn’t all just dossing about. I did a whole bunch of work all around the business for different teams. Cheryl was great as my manager and working with category from time-to-time is something I’d never done before so that was cool! I loved the chance to improve my Excel skills too (and teach the sales team a thing or two with it too!)

Overall it was a really sick experience. I’m thankful to be able to do it and I’ll be coming back when I’m back in the country between university semesters. Thanks to AAF and all of the awesome Foodies.”

We’re really glad for the chance to help Lars out but also for him to help us too. He did as much for us and we for him and he really fit in with our values. Good luck Lars, and see you soon!