Across the last few months there’s been some really exciting big changes at All About Food in many different ways. It feels like if you blink you’ll miss it, so we’ve got a lovely little summary here of exactly everything that has been going on at All About Food lately!

New Brands!

It’s been a little while since we last gave you a brand update, and that’s because we’ve been running around like headless chickens (zero Nando’s pun intended) getting a bunch of things ready to roll. So this feels like an update that we need to give! Allow us to introduce us to our two newest brands: Costa Coffee and Las Iguanas.

Costa Coffee

The nationals favourite coffee store is now part of the All About Food family, as we’re so excited! So far we’ve put out some delicious products – roast and ground coffee and coffee beans – so if we’re a little more buzzy than we already are (which is a lot, to be fair) then you know why.

Las Iguanas

Our newest brand in the family but it’s a brand we’re already in love with. And we have so many reasons to be in love with them. And we can give you 8 reasons right off the bat: our tasty new ready meals available at Sainsbury’s as of RIGHT NOW! There’s something for meat-eaters, there’s veggie goodness, but they’re all taste sensations. So what are you waiting for! Get down to your local Sainsbury’s and buy them all! Twice!

New Foodies!

We have had an influx of new Foodies recently and honestly? It’s awesome! New faces in Sales, new bods in Marketing, new legends in Ops. We love the fact that we’re growing because obviously it’s great for the business, but it’s also great because we get to be part of an even bigger family!

Baby News!

We have some awesome news! You may have remembered a few weeks ago we updated you on a baby shower we held for Laura before she left for maternity for a year, well, SHE’S HAD THE BABY! Congratulations, Laura. We’re all made up for you!

Welcome Back Sophie <3

And just as the news of Laura becoming a new mum, we welcome back Sophie from her year on maternity leave. We’ve missed Sophie a whole bunch, and whilst we’re loving her new family, we’re also loving that she’s back in the office blessing us with her sunshine! Welcome back Sophie!