Long-time readers of the blog will know that we’re keen on helping our local community wherever possible. We’ve got an awesome charity and community pillar within the business that is driven by all Foodies, but especially by the wonderful Lucy and Lindsay in our Ops team.

Through our relationship with the local West Lancs CVS (council for voluntary service) there’s always been a conscious effort by our Foodies to work within the local community. Our business, within Lancashire town of Skelmersdale, has the ability to do little bits of good whilst we’re going about our daily business of making mealtimes a little more tasty!

As you can tell from our community page, we try and have a lot of fun whilst doing some good, because what better way to raise money or spirits than by having a laugh! And there’s a few different ways we’ve done this, so here’s a low down of some of our community work, starting with last month’s Mug Club lunch.

Mug Club Lunch – Pie, glorious pie

Autumn, the season of conkers, wooly hats and fireworks. It’s also the season of lovely, hearty meals after coming in from the now-freezing cold outdoors. And that’s exactly the type of feeling we wanted to recreate with our latest MUG club lunch in October. Grace, along with he partner and family, made 4 large pies for us to serve up during the lunch. Steak, chicken, cheese and lamb pies were all on the menu, with a delicious selection of veggies and gravy, meant that our friends at the club were chomping on a really delicious meal with a brew, some friends and no washing up to worry about for a few hours.

Christmas Meal – Entertaining the masses

One of the first meals we ever ‘put on’ for outside enjoyment was the first part of a two-part Christmas party a few years ago.

Coming into the office on a frosty December morning, Foodies were met by an excitable Phil – our founder – and were told to be prepared for the challenge of the year. That morning, we were to decorate, kit out, prepare and serve lunch to 40/50 local residents from a variety of community groups throughout Skelmersdale. Some elderly, some carers, some disadvantaged and some families, we welcomed them with open arms as we cooked a christmas dinner, decorated the room in lights, tinsel and more and sung hymn upon hymn as entertainment for the day. A truly lovely afternoon and exceptionally hard work all round. But our guests and new friends loved the experience, so who are we to moan!

24 Hour Treadmill Challenge

This is exactly what it says on the tin. Simply put, we ran a lot for 24 hours straight.

Sometimes we come up with goofy ideas like cooking for a bunch of people with merely 4 hours notice, or climbing up Snowdon and back for our local homeless centre. This time, a few years ago, we came up with the challenge to have somebody running on a treadmill in the office for 24 hours straight to raise money for Sport Relief. From 12pm to 12pm the next day, we would be running as far as we could whilst staying in the same place.

We raised a really great amount of money whilst having a really amazing laugh (you should have been there at 3am when people who has been awake for 19 hours straight were going incredibly delirious whilst trying to concentrate long enough to not fall off a moving treadmill). It was HILARIOUS. What an awesome day.

PS: It turns out we had ran, in combination, far enough to go to Leeds and back twice.