I know maybe we’re biased, but we absolutely love our brands. They’re fun, funky, fresh and blooming’ delicious. And we’ll be eating their food until the end! And on that note, we give you our favourite dinner from our brands!

Costa – Bonfire Spiced Latte

OK, OK, so this isn’t technically a food, but you know what we mean! Nothing spells October like a delicious, gingery, Bonfire Spiced Latte in your hat, scarf on a lovely cold evening. There have been many-a Costa runs in the office on a cloudy-eyed, tired Monday morning.

Nando’s  – Chicken Thighs with Peri-Peri Chips

An absolute standard meal from Nando’s, a classic, and it’s that way for a reason. We’re easy with spice, so anything from Mild to XX Hot is good for us, all washed down with a lovely refill drink (or beer, if we’re having a particularly stressful/loose weekend). Naturally, Peri-Peri chips are always on the menu (even at home, using our very own Peri-Peri salt *hint, hint*) and potentially a side of macho peas or spicy rice. The more food the merrier. Who’s counting?

Pizza Express – Sloppy Giuseppe

No food with ‘sloppy’ in the title would usually be considered a favourite by God this choice – a taste Sloppy Giuseppe in a thin, crispy pizza base – warms us and leaves us pizza satisfies. Hot spicy beef, green pepper, with tomato and mozzarella goodness. Yummmeehhh!

Red’s True BBQ – World Championship Bundle

This is a behemoth of a meal, reserved only for the most dedicated of BBQ lovers. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what we are. Get ready for the most delicious of meat trays including:

  • Premium brisket
  • Sticky chicken
  • Baby back ribs
  • BBQ corn
  • Crackling
  • A beer/wine
  • Really happy faces and incredibly full stomachs.


So you can probably tell why we love this meal – it’s indulgent, it’s meaty, hearty and full of the best tastes around. And it will leave you not needing to eat for a matter of days. Maybe. Probably not. But it’s nice to think it will.

Wahaca – All of the Tacos

It’s really tough to identify a specific taco type that we think is our favourite – they’re all just so flippin’ damn good! The chicken and avocado is particularly good, whilst the cactus and courgette is a taste sensation beyond your wildest dreams. Naturally, we ordered extra cheese on top (we’re addicted) and then we’re all set. A Mexican feast!

GBK – The Taxidriver

We love burgers. There’s only so much we can talk about them before we end up just going to a restaurant and buying and eating them all! And that burger joint is usually our trusty GBK. We adore the Taxidriver burger. Apart from the classic beef GBK burger, they added cheese, an onion ring and some amazing cajun relish and chipotle relish as a little extra flavour. Enough to make our tastebuds blow out of our bloomin’ mind. That, with some skinny skinny fries and a glass of cola and we are GOLDEN.

Cranks – Homity Pie

Homity Pie is always the winner when it comes to Cranks. WHAT A MEAL. It’s everything you need in one pie. Potatoes – check. Onions – check. Veg – check. Just mounds and mounds of various daries – check. With the tough crust to give it that sturdy base, we’ve got a battle on your hands just finishing your portion, nevermind the whole pie. But we always do. Because we love food and we love eating more than we can handle. Classic.