Sometimes when it’s a tough #content month, and we feel like we can’t just write more about the lunches we’re eating, we’ll take a look at what national days are going on in the world. Every now and again we’ll see a National Cake Day or a National Toilet Seat Appreciation Month or something equally as random, and Twitter will throw up a storm (maybe not about the latter), but today, it is an EXCELLENT DAY! It is World Smile Day!

We don’t know what World Smile Day is supposed to really be, but it sounds extremely exciting and fun, and we really couldn’t help ourselves getting involved. So we’ve brought together a whole load of things that make us smile from across the world. World Smile Day, making the world smile for a day.

Man Starts Library With 20,000 Books Found In Bins

Really can’t get much more to-the-point than that headline, but what a lovely story this is! There’s this guy, right, and he is a binman in Columbia (bare with us…) and whenever he found a book that had been thrown out, he kept it. And now he’s got over 20,000 books. And not only that, but he’s opened up his home as a community library and offering the books out to less well-to-do families who in his local region. This man deserves a medal. Well done this man.

Community Makes Sure Neighbour in Wheelchair Gets To Bed Each Night

Now we’re in the USA, for a community of wonderful humans who help their neighbour – who is suffering from multiple sclerosis – get to bed every evening so she doesn’t have to move full-time into a care home. Two folks from the community go the her home each evening and help her upstairs, help her change then let themselves out of her house.  

Stranger Buys Local Mother Coffee, Proves Random Act of Kindness Rules

How good is this? A student in the United States was in the drive-through queue in a local coffee shop decided to treat the person behind her to a coffee as a random act of kindness. Lovely gesture, right! Well, the person behind her was a mother of two who, at that time, was having a particularly bad day. The coffee gift brought the woman to tears, as when she approached the drive-through she was told by the attendant that she had been treated to a coffee by the stranger in front.

But the story doesn’t stop there! As the mother drove home, she was surprised to notice that her gift-giver had driven to the same road as her, and indeed lived merely a few doors down from her. Queue plenty of hugs, laughter and lovliness when the two eventually met properly. It just goes to show, pay it back with some random acts of kindness every now and again. Why not!