It’s back! The yearly cake-fest that is MacMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning returned last Friday and there was no way in high heaven we could pass up this chance to munch on some bakes and rustle up some cash for a good cause. So that’s exactly what we did!

We’ve got a top team in Lucy and Lindsay who have been putting together our charity and community arm for a good while now, and one staple of our fundraising is this event on the last Friday of every September for a charity in MacMillan that I’m sure is close to everyone’s hearts.

This year was particularly delicious, with both a show-stopped element and a general donate-to-eat element.

The show-stopper this year went to a worthy winner in the wild cake with sweet mushrooms and butterflies on, that was baked and brought in by Jane. So well done to Jane! Although there are rumours that it was her partner, and not her, who baked the cake. Very curious…

The bake offerings on show this year came from the very top drawer. Joe made a tiramisu (minus the booze!), Dale made his now signiture battenburg cake. There was about 10000 types of brownies, of which Emily’s salted caramel sticky brownies won the day, and Laura’s excellent bakewell tart effort deserves a huge round of applause. But as well as cakes, we also had games. Oh did we.

As far as games went, the guess the size of the sausage roll on a picture game was a particularly popular game, with Foodies even trying to measure the sausage roll to scale compared to other objects on the example picture. Never has there been more of an argument over whether a cupcake is 4cm or 6cm long.

That game ended in a win for our newest Foodie Lucy B, who guessed right with a wonderful shout of 43cm long (which I think brought the aforementioned cupcake in the image at around 4.8cm long). So well done Lucy. You’ll get used to our competitive edge quickly!

Finally, we played a lovely game of stick the cherry on the cake which involved sticking a sticker of a cherry on a bigger image of a cake, all the whilst being blindfolded with Jane’s lovely, massive scarf. This was great fun, and nobody had more fun than Lindsay, who moved the picture of a cake around the wall so that nobody had a competitive advantage when it came to knowing where to stick the cherry.

The winner of the day was MacMillan, for whom we raised a heck of a lot of money. And with the amount of cake we had left, we’re probably still raising money to this very moment. And for days and weeks into the future. So that’s a bonus.

Thanks a lot to Linds and Lucy who helped raise both money and blood sugar levels for a great cause! Huzzah!