There’s some wild news, wonderful news, amazing news from the AAF camp. LAURA IS HAVING A BABY! ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!

Great news, I’m sure you will all agree! We’re super happy for Laura to be bringing a lovely, beautiful baby into the world, but it also means we get to do what we do best! Throw a party! (/surprise baby shower, same difference). Which is exactly what Sam, Jane and Hannah decided to do to great, amazing, incredible success!

Last Friday, whilst there was an important Marketing and Sales meeting going on (well, semi-important – how important is any meeting that takes place on a Friday?!) Ops, clear baby shower extraudeners, moved the tables and chairs around in our new meeting room The Duck Pond and set to work on decorating the room with decorations that are fit for a hero (Laura is such a hero).

Cakes were ordered and sandwiches prepared, sushi brought out and plated up and scones creamed and jammed and much, much more. In true All About Food fashion, we were ready with a feast to end all feasts. Or at least until the next feast. Either or.

Even with all of the excited scurrying about and moving of chairs, it came to pass that Laura knew nothing about the event, which was kept as a surprise to the very last minute (“She thinks we’re going to the Sandpiper!” said Hannah, of the local pub). As the meeting drew to a close, and Foodies started spilling into the Duck Pond, Laura left the meeting room to much applause, celebration and whooping! To say that she was excited and surprised would be totally fitting.

There was much scoffing and laughing and even more photo-taking (we had an picture frame and accessories to capture such moments) and just after everyone had eaten and drank (non-alcoholic fizzy fruit juice was on the menu for drinks, mmmm) we were ushered into the restaurant where we played scattergories to the theme of things babies do/are known for. Below are some of the prime and comical answers:

Baby toys: gasmask for G (if Joe ever has children, his parenting skills will be called into question quick-sharp)

Girls names: Geertruid for G (great shout that person)

Reasons babies cry: colic for C (well played Lindsay!)

Baby clothes: Camouflage vest (we don’t remember who this was but odds are: Joe)

It was nice to spend some time together as a group and celebrate Laura becoming an awesome mum. Once we’d all had another scran on some of the leftover food, we made our way back to work for what was most likely to be one of the least productive few hours of the month. Talk about a food coma.