It’s been a little while since we had a cook-up in the office. Often, a few of the Foodies will get together and cook lunch for everyone for no real reason other than fancying some scran with the people they work with. And who are we to argue with that? But over the last few months everyone has been so busy, we’ve had to park our monthly cook-up. But last week it returned, with the self-confessed “worst cooks in the office”, Jess and Luke. Here is their take on how the luncheon went.

Calling yourselves the worst cooks in the office is an interesting precursor to telling 30-odd people you’re going to make them lunch but hey, we liked the challenge. A challenge made all the harder by wanting to made both a vegetarian and meat option to accommodate some of the veggie lovers around the office. This blog post is a story about how a couple of Foodies attempted to get their cookery badges.

After deciding on what to make, we deemed that lasagna was enough of a realistic challenge to make, and one that could feed a small army of people, whilst still being attainable in the time limit and skill level that were available. We were short on both.

Once recipes were sought (we used BBC Good Food, and not an age-old family recipe, unfortunately) and ingredients were bought, it was off into the kitchen to prepare our feast!

It turns out that the main part of cooking is preparation (who knew?) and the chopping of peppers, onions (weep, weep) and aubergines quickly took over with the odd poking of mince that was cooking away in the pan. Things were starting to look up and we were making good time. Next on the agenda was to construct the lasagna, which is just essentially piling veggies, mince and lasagna sheets on top of each other time and again followed by a large quantity of grated cheese (the only quantity cheese should come in is large, in our opinion).

As the lasagna cooked and we waited to see if our masterpiece even looked like anything you get in a restaurant, we prepared garlic bread (a shop-bought one on an oven tray) and set the table for a fantastic feast. At least in size, if not quality.

The meals (4 giant dishes of lasagna) looked wonderful when freshly taken out of the oven, and luckily for us, they tasted great too. Served with garlic bread, salad and an array of sauces (we’re so on brand), the lunch proved to be a grand and wonderful success. Various people said “this isn’t as bad as we thought!” and “you surprised us!” so we feel this is a win for us! We’re super glad everyone enjoyed our dinner and it should be duly noted that we will never make so much lasagna again in our life.