You always see us banging on about how important our values are to us. And they are. Dang right they are. But how do we talk about that in the office, and what comes of our almighty values? Do we just blog a load of things about values then forget it? Well, not quite. Let us tell you about…

The Values Box.

What is the Values Box? Well, it is a box in which we express our gratitude, nay, delight, at how other individuals acted (without active encouragement, we may add) in a way that is in line with our values.

These things aren’t mandatory, we don’t shout and ball at Foodies if they don’t submit us some value love one week to the next, but we have a group of lovely people here who understand that it’s good to challenge, great to celebrate and even better when we live our values.

During last month’s values day, we gave out our very first Foodie of the Year award, which went out to Sam. This was an acknowledgment of Sam’s legendary Foodie ways and how she’s been a shining light of values-driven loveliness for the past year.

But she isn’t’ the only one. Our values box is cram-packed full of examples of people being really fantastic and representing us in work and themselves out of work. So we’ve picked out a few of the examples so you can see how great our people are.

Big thanks to Dale for your support this week – really solid support, much appreciated” – Sam

Thanks so much to Jane for helping with Lars’ induction whilst I was away!” – Cheryl

Cheryl, thanks a lot for organising Katie C’s leaving do. It was excellent and the food was amazing!” – Hannah

Well done to Cheryl for the relationship created with PizzaExpress. Great to see the strength and rapport” – David

Billy B! Thanks for organising 5-a-side, it’s great to see everyone involved!” – Will H

These are just a few of the cool pieces of feedback from the values box (we don’t want to give away all of our secrets!) but as you can tell, it isn’t just about work, but it isn’t just about play either. It’s a great mix of a whole bunch of things that make us what we are, and make our Foodies so special to each other and the business.