LOOKY HERE. It’s our 20th year! Where’s did that come from?! How has this happened?! Other vague questions! We’ll be putting something on the blog on our actual birthday (4th January 2019) but we just wanted to highlight some steps on our journey and throw a shameless plug to our website all in one nice, handy blog post. Mmm, delightful!

Our story started in 1999 in our founder Phil’s back bedroom and has evolved into 7 brands, nearly 40 people and a few office changes. But what are the parts of our story that stand out for us? Good question, reader. Good question.

Of course one of the moments that stands out for us is the name change from The Grocery Company to All About Food. Our new name completely encompassed everything that we are about (food) but also brought with it some lovely new branding that summed up exactly that type of business we are: fun and fresh but full of life for our clients. And what with our new website going live earlier this year we’re continuing to be fully behind our roots.

2008 was the year of our values. Or, should I say, the year the values were written down. We’ve always been a close bunch with a similarity close set of attitudes and that’s something that makes us, us. Which makes this year a real important one!

It’s important to remember exactly what people enjoy about the company, because those are the moments in our story that we love the most. So here’s Dale to tell us what he loves about All About Food:

“Enjoy working at AAF? Why wouldn’t you? A really fast-paced, flexible and successful environment with the opportunity to work with some of the nations best restaurants! If that’s not enough, you have the opportunity to work with the best bunch of people. Seriously, they’re great!”

Maybe the best part of our story is our people. We’ve had some come, and had some go, but for the most part there’s been smooth sailing and we still regularly speak to some of our leavers to this day.

Developing relationships with brands that we love is another great, big part of our story. We have a really vast range of partners that are different sizes and have different goals and we think we all work together pretty well!

For some more tales of our last 20 years, keep a lookout – we’re going to be writing a lot more as we approach our lovely little anniversary!