It’s been a while since we’ve given you a little update from the office and there’s been so much going on. Like, absolutely tons! New people, new awards and new challenges completed but the same old All About Food. So let’s take a look at a few of the things that have been happening in our world!

Climbing Snowdon

Let’s not go too far into this as we’ve covered it in this blog earlier in the month, but our Foodies walked up Mt Snowdon and got back down again in one piece, raising a wonderful near £4000 at the time of writing for two wonderful causes in Epilepsy Action and The Birchwood Centre. You can still donate by following this link.

Sam is Foodie of the Year

After our trip up Snowdon and back, we had the following day dedicated to discussing and reflecting on how we live our values. And in this, we gave out our first ever Foodie of the Year award for the Foodie who lived our values best. And after counting the votes, our category guru Sam won the award for this year! What a wonderful achievement for a top, top Foodie. Well done, Sam!

Office Refurb

We’re having a wild few weeks of office moving and shaking. After years of the Tree House being wonderful and colorful and perfect for what we need, we’ve decided to give it a bit of a refresh. Which means lots of banging and drilling and confusion about where the toilets are (we’ve added an extra wall, meaning the toilets are behind another door and it is very hard to get used to). We’re excited to show you the final product and will do so when everything is complete!

Values Day Fun!

Our values are really important to us, and living those values is a constant within our business. Sometimes we like to remind ourselves of the things we’ve done that represent success, be that within the business or personally. And these days are what we call our Values Days. We’ve got some great pictures of the day below, including our new game: Sauces and Ladders.

Nando’s South Africa Team in the Office

During the last week in July we welcomed the South African Nando’s team to the Tree House to take in our home, to work with them on the brand and to show them what an English good time is (food, food, food!). It was a really lovely few days and always helps relationships when we get to have fun and spend time with our brand partners. See you soon, folks!