Last Thursday was a big day for the members of our Foodie team as collectively we made our way to the summit of Mount Snowdon and back for charity.

As a company that loves a challenge, often to our detriment – *cough* overly competitive Office Olympics *cough* – this year we thought we would try one of our toughest challenges yet. And it went splendidly, minus the sore muscles that are still around on what is the following Monday.

Heading through to Wales in groups last Thursday morning, the Foodie team, with the sunshine for company, congregated in a car park at the foot of the mountain for instructions, sandwiches and last-minute pep talks (mostly conducted by Nick and Hannah).

As we moved up the mountain, we collectively broke into a sweat as the sun cranked up the heat and the initial leg of the journey threw up an unfairly steep dirt path to scare the wits out of us. Thankfully, as we moved towards the halfway point, clouds came over the hill and the walk became a little cooler and slightly less sun-drenched.

The closer we all got to the top, the more split the group became and the more we all had to rely on each other (and sugary snacks) to get through the distance. But in true Foodie fashion, everyone made it to the top giving their all and we had an ice-cold beer at the peak for our troubles.

The way to the bottom presented new challenges (sunburn and fatigue) but everyone made it without too much fuss and were greeted with a glass of champagne and a great big cheer at the end. The finish line made for a sight for sore eyes.

As for the Thursday evening, we ate, had a few drinks and generally had good fun in the company of good people. Who can argue with that after the day we had endured!

But the aim wasn’t just to walk up a mountain or bond as a team, the aim was to raise some cash for a couple of awesome charities. The Birchwood Centre and Epilepsy Action are a pair of charities that are close to our hearts and we’d love to hit our target of £4000 raised to go to both. We’re so close but we could always do with more help. If you’re impressed with our feat, or if you just fancy donating to a wonderful pair of causes, please be sure to donate to our Just Giving page to help us reach our goals. But until then, here are a few pictures of the team enjoying out climb up Mt Snowdon.