Sometimes, on a grey Friday, you just want to read a silly, light-hearted, but informative blog post emphasising how much our Foodies know each other. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This week, Katie B and Dan – both members of our totally wonderful finance team – sat down to play a game we like to call ‘Not Mr. and Mrs. because that would be weird but essentially a game with the same rules’. In case you’ve never heard of it, the rules are as follows:

We ask questions about Katie and Dan to Katie and Dan and they have to match their answers, proving once and for all how well they know each other. It could be a great example of a close team bond, or it could be a car crash. Let’s take a look what happened in the form of picture answers!

Us: Hey folks! We’re testing a new idea out on you guys called Not Mr. and Mrs. But Essentially a Game With The Same Rules. Are you ready to rock?

Katie and Dan: Erm, we guess so?! We’re nervous now!

Us: 3, 2, 1:

What is Dan’s favourite football team?

How old is Katie?

What is Dan’s official job title?

What would Katie rather eat? McDonald’s, Burger King or Dominos.

What is Dan’s favourite film? Karate Kid, E.T or Back to the Future.

What is Katie’s favourite film? Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast or Mulan.

What month did Dan start at AAF?

How many peaks did Katie complete at last year’s AAF Three Peaks Challenge?

What is Dan’s favourite food? Garlic bread, chicken wings or chocolate buttons?

What year did Katie start at AAF?

Well! Look at that, it turns out that Katie and Dan know each other real well! They only got one question wrong (Dan didn’t know Katie’s favourite film or how to spell Aladdin properly, apparently) nailing a 9/10 score and were both hilarious fun and super photogenic in the process, so thanks a bunch for that!

Check back soon for more vaguely relevant updates!