We understand that companies the world over like to discuss how their values are important to them, and how they live by them day in, day out. And for some, yeah that may happen, but a lot of it is a marketing thing. At All About Food, though, we’ve been on the values train since we were a little infant in founder Phil Lynas’ spare room. Because from the word go, we’ve attracted, and been drawn to, like-minded, values-driven people. Phil’s vision for the business was to be delightfully different, and it’s worked out pretty well so far. We’d love to help you become more familiar with our values. Take a peek!


We’re a proud bunch, but that doesn’t make us big-headed. We’re proud of each other more than we’re proud of ourselves. We can recognise success and blow the trumpet of challenges completed. Looking after ourselves, family and the Tree House is one of many ways we reflect the Pride value.


To be passionate means to do our best and do it enthusiastically. It doesn’t matter what the task may be, Foodies should always be encouraged to lead by example and are always interested in what others are doing. The level of passion there is in our company isn’t just for numbers, figures and sales – we also enjoy hearing about people’s lives outside of the Tree House. We’re passionate about all aspects of life in and around All About Food.


This is one of the most important values. Belief is about confidence in yourself and others. Actions breed belief, and throughout the business Foodies are given chance to trust their judgement and allow themselves to learn. And it doesn’t get much better than that. Every member of the team believes in each other. And that is hugely important.


Doing the right thing, and following through with your word. This is an important part of how we work; being delightfully different and having incredible integrity. Treat others right, be consistent and follow through with your word. A value not to be underplayed.


The big one, the value we see as key to starting the whole thing off. Everyone at All About Food is part of a huge family. I know, it sounds a bit too-good-to-be-true but they really are. That doesn’t mean we all get along and sing songs and dance in each other’s arms because sometimes we do have our differences. But it means we have each other’s back when things get manic. It means we respect each other and care about our lives outside of the Tree House. And it means we BUY EACH OTHER CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!

So there you have it. Just a little bit more of an insight into what our values mean and how we live them. They’re a really important part of our work, and components of what makes a Foodie, a Foodie.