IT’S COMIN’ HOME, IT’S COMIN’! Ahem. Sorry. OK maybe it isn’t, but one thing that is coming home – or to All About Food at least – is the AAF World Cup sweepstake. From under the dark cloud of a probably underwhelming defeat for England, we’ve become totally swept up in the hoop-la and have readied ourselves for even more disappointment in the form of probable loss in these competitions. With only two winners – one for each competition – that leaves 46 other chances to be let down. Brilliant!

We do like our sport, but we’re also a competitive bunch, so when the opportunity came, we snapped up the chance to sweep. So who got which team? Take a look below!

Portugal – Dave
Brazil – Tony
Peru – Christine
Costa Rica – Neil
Columbia – Chris
Serbia – Clair
Spain – Matthew
Poland – Sam
Panama – Hannah
Iran – Brian
Saudi Arabia – Laura
Croatia – Lindsay
France – Jane
Russia – Grace
Argentina – Dale
Senegal – Katie C
Denmark – Colin
England – Katie B
Sweden – Murray
Tunisia – Joe
Switzerland – Tom
Japan – Alan
Iceland – Jon
Germany – Dan
Morocco – Daniel
Uruguay – Will
S Korea – Jess
Mexico – Nick
Nigeria – Nadira
Belgium – Mike
Egypt – Edwin
Australia – Luke

So that’s the list of teams. Obviously, we’ll be looking into an office bribery situation from Tony, Dan and Matthew who all got the best teams, although we are told what each side was picked “at random”, yet how much we believe this remains to be seen.

The winner, second and third place all get a split of the prize, whilst there’s also an honourable mention for best goal and dirtiest team so get those shooting and snapping boots at the ready, lads!