Hark your minds back to this time last year, and you’ll remember that some of us (as opposed to the all of us that were actually going) had started training to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks in aid of the Birchwood Centre in Skelmersdale. We had a barrel of laughs, a load of BBQ food (the treat at the end) and a whole bunch of blisters. But it was for a cracking good cause and it was one hell of a ride. With a mixture of abilities and interests, some conquered 1 peak, others smashed 2 peaks and a legendary few nailed 3 peaks. But fast forward to this year, and how do you beat three climbs in a day? Well, with one big climb.

This year’s big challenge (following on from 2017’s aforementioned three peaks and 2016’s treadmill challenge) is scaling the heights of Mount Snowdon! Ooohh, ahhhhh!

Not ones to shy away from a physical excursion, the 5-hour challenge will take place on 19th July and experts (the Foodies hosting the event…) reckon it will take us around 5 hours to complete. Whether that is for the top climbers or the average Joe I don’t know, but we’ll see if that timeframe is realistic come 20th July (or 21st, if we’re that bad..)

Obviously, there’s a charitable element to the event (I for one would not put myself through this without there being one…) but the particular charity hasn’t yet been decided. And it’s not because we’re a bunch of lazy bones, but actually, because we have a novel way of deciding who we donate 50% of the funds to.

Each person in the business gets to decide a cause that they believe is worthy of being this year’s chosen charity. The suggestion box we’ve botched out of old cardboard and a laminate poster is open for operation until 8th June. Once this has been decided, and honest discussion will be had between the community team within AAF and a selection of 3 charities will be made. Upon this, the decision will go to the group during one of our Monday morning huddles. Democracy at its best.

The other 50% will go once more to the Birchwood Centre, who continue to do an incredible job helping vulnerable youngsters in the Skelmersdale area.

When the time comes we’ll have a whole bunch of pictures, quotes and maybe even some videos for your viewing pleasure. But until then, keep checking back for more interesting news!