Hello! How are you? We’ve not given you much of an office update recently, but there’s been bags and bags of things going on. Where do we start? Well, not in chronological order, because that’s too hard! Here are a few things we’ve been up to:

Eggs 11!

Easter is the time for chomping down on some chocolate and that is always an excellent thing to be doing. The charity chaps at Digmoor food bank are always doing their best to provide for some of the less advantaged folks across Skelmersdale, and every so often we like to help where we can – and when it comes to chocolate eggs, we can certainly donate a few of them! Fast forward a few weeks and we’ve come up with 436 eggs for Digmore to give out in their centre and to people within the wider community. Eggcellent stuff (I’M SO SORRY).

Being a Good Sport

Sport Relief! What an awesome event, a prime example of ridiculous fun and good causes coming together just as spring is springing. Our Sport Relief day was wonderful fun. We dressed up as our favourite sporting star/sport (anything from a skateboarder to the AAF curling team was present) whilst we also had an office assault course to negotiate and 70,000 steps to walk within the week whilst raising money too. Our end amount was £1281.25. Thanks to everyone who donated and helped us reach our goal!

End of Another Wonderful Year!

As the company year ends at the beginning of March, it gives us a great chance to reflect on some great experiences and learn from some key changes. A few things we’ve had to look back upon with wonderful fondness last year have been:

Red’s & AAF 3 peaks challenge

Our highest ever figure for charity donations raised

Highest ever chilli sauce share

Having the No 1 salad dressing in House Light

Recruiting some wonderful new Foodies and expanding our team

The launch of our new website!

The Launch of our New Website

Exactly this! Our old website was great for a short while but as we grew as a business, so did our need to evolve our website. So, this January, we launched our newly designed site to the world. It encompasses all of the charm and delight of our old website, whilst adding a shine and a punch that was needed. There’s plenty of surprises to be seen and a lot of new information to be taken in, so why not take a look around?