Fresh off the back of National Vegetarian Week last week, there, of course, can only be one natural follow-on. Yes, you guessed it, this week is National BBQ week. How better to follow celebrating vegetarianism by hailing the low, slow and delicious, meaty makings of the humble BBQ.

As you will (or at least should) know, one of our partners here at AAF is Red’s True BBQ. They’re the Kings and Queens of BBQ delights and in aid of the best week of the year, we’ve decided to do a little rundown on who exactly Red’s are. Strap in.

Originally from Leeds, Red’s True BBQ is an American-style restaurant brand that we work with to provide the world with fantastic BBQ love for the home.

Each year, the folks from Red’s travel to the Southern states of USA to find inspiration for things to add to their menu back in Blighty. Previous trips have been catalogued in their wonderful blog and video content that you can see here.

As well as planning for the future by spying new ingredients and recipes for their restaurants, Red’s also enter into the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que contest in Houston, a way to prove their British BBQ chops to our American counterparts. This is a yearly event and the team from Red’s have entered 3 years in a row. After having previously entered just the brisket category, this year the team expanded their delicious horizons by competing in the chicken, ribs and Dutch Oven dessert category. Yummy!

As you can tell, Red’s are a really interesting company doing some really cool things. They go together with us like meat and BBQ sauce, so we’re exciting to be working with them.

And that leads us to the supermarkets, and most importantly, our new product: Red’s True BBQ Meal Kit. Double yummy!

The two flavours – Kansas City Pulled Pork and Buffalo Chicken – are available in ASDA right now (go and buy them, what are you waiting for?!) and are easy to use. Our Buffalo Chicken kit takes a mere 25 minutes to cook and includes hot sauce, a marinade rub and a film bag to cook your food. All you need to do is add the chicken. Not dissimilarly, our Pulled Pork kit contains the sauce, marinade rub and bag, but offers a slower cook at 3 hours, replicating another true BBQ experience. You provide the meat, we’ve got the taste covered.

So if you’re into your delightful BBQ tastes, follow our path to salvation with one classic flavour and one newer addition to the Red’s retail family.

For more information on Red’s, check out their super cool website and blog, here.