Job alert! Have you seen, have you heard? We’ve got a couple of roles on our job page that we’re looking for a couple of new Foodies to come into the business, succeed and indeed thrive. Want to know a what they are? Well, you can visit our job page here to check them out. They promise to be great for the successful candidate.

But maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to work for All About Food? Well, let’s give you a little bit of a lowdown on what you could expect from life as a Foodies.

It’s hard work. We do a lot of fun things but they come at a cost, and the cost is working hard, doing the right thing and being willing to get involved with the business. We pick our Foodies based on their skills and their ability to fit into the team we have at the Tree House in Skelmersdale. This team puts in a ton of effort, often work long and hard hours and wake up the next day to do it all again. Much is expected, but for those who are willing to give that, much is given in return, too.

If you’ve not checked out our blogs, then it’s worth doing so. There is a lot of good times to be had in between the normal working week, and as long as work is getting done, Foodies are trusted to make the business a unique and excellent place to work.

We have lunches, play games and raise money for charity through wild and wonderful means. There are some great stories from each Foodie about a particular day that will have been fantastic and ridiculous in equal measure. All About Food is a delightfully different business and it doesn’t take new members of the team long to realise this.

We like our Foodies to care about the job, but also more than this. Across the last few months we’ve had a whole week of raising money for Sport Relief, we’ve had a Ted Talks viewing session in aid of International Women’s Week and everyone has taken time out of their day to provide a learning experience for our work experience girl, Helena. Our people do this because they want to, not because they have to.

So that’s just a small snippet of what it’s like to work at All About Food (we don’t want to give away all of our secrets!) We work hard, play nice and act delightfully different. But don’t just take our word for it, if you think one of our roles interests you, why not apply? We look forward to hearing from you!