The best part of All About Food is the people. But another great part of All About Food is the food. Who would we be if we weren’t massive foodies and mega keen on our scran? We wouldn’t be All About Food, that’s for sure. We would be… All About Other Stuff. And that isn’t half as catchy or half as true. So when we get chance to truly embrace our love of food we do so with wide eyes and eventually full bellies.

The brands we work with (these folk here) are our bestest buddies. One thing we love to do is welcome their culture and ethos with open arms. And this is something we did recently with Nando’s to particular success. Particularly competitive, taste-filled success.

Our wonderful Nando’s brand legend Emily set up this challenge as a way to help bring to life the Nando’s online recipe hub within the business. There are plenty of funky fresh and fantastic recipes that offer creative ways to use PERi-PERi in a whole bunch of different meals. And we’re all for that.

The competition here involved five teams, all Foodies and an array of creative and crafty Nando’s dishes. Each team, compiled of about 7 folks, were judged with marks out of 10 on four core aspects of their meals; creativity, presentation, team effort and flavour – with the grand winner being the team with the most points across the categories.

So not to overload everyone with food during any one week, the challenge took part on a weekly basis. Sure, we could have all eaten massive meals each lunch, but the PERi-PERi overload may have taken its toll on our productivity and health.


Week 5! All meals have been cooked! All people have eaten and scored! Hurrah! But before we exclusively announce the winner of our wonderful competition, take a look at what was cooked each week:

Week 1: Nutty red pepper pesto, cornflake chicken, PERi-PERi sausage roll & PERi-veggie omelette.

Week 2: Mac & cheese, PERi-chicken pie, macho peas, virgin PERi-bloody Mary & traditional Portuguese natas.

Week 3: PERi-Picnic; PERi-scotch eggs, PERi-chutney and cheese, PERi-themed stuffed bread with multiple fillings & heat levels.

Week 4: Around the World in 80 PERi-days; Indian PERi-bhajis, sweet & sour chicken, PERi-flat bread, South African braai burgers, chilli chocolate cheesecake with coconut and lemon pavlova.

Week 5: PERi-Pizza Classes; making our own bases and adding PERified toppings.

Which do you think sounds the most delicious? We think all of them sound amazing (we have to say that, favouritism isn’t in our values) but there could be only one winner. And with that, we announce the winner as: week 4! The global PERI-takeover. Well done peeps!

The quality, deliciousness, and creativity of the dish won over the hearts and minds of the Foodie population at large. Similarly – and we’re not saying this was a major factor – but this team also had Emily and Clair in, two members of our Nando’s brand managing team. Coincidence? Of course!

This was a really fun way to get closer to the creativity that PERi-PERi flavouring can bring to any dish. An honourable mention should go to the PERi-pizza team in week 5 who may well have finished dead last after an oven and dough malfunction (hint: it takes more than two ovens to properly cook 30 pizzas). Well played guys, you offered us a lot of laughs.

You can find more fantastic inspiration from the Nando’s recipe page. You can view that here. Until then, take a look at some of the wonderful dishes in the gallery below. Enjoy!