If you remember rightly, a couple of years ago we took part in what felt like the ultimate task of endurance, and all in the name of Sport Relief. The 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge, as we called it, was gigantic. At each point in the day for a 24 hour period, someone had to be on the treadmill in our gym. That meant, no matter what time, be it 12pm lunchtime, or 3am nighttime, the mill needed to be moving. It was an awesome challenge and we received a shedload of donations. But the problem this year was topping this monumental effort. But top it we did.

Sport Relief happens once every two years, with the theme being – you guessed it: sport. It’s a celebration across the country, with money being raised to help folks in need regionally, nationally and internationally. It really is a massive effort and it’s something we love getting involved in each year. 2018 was no different.

As members of our charity team, Lucy and Lindsay with help from a few other Foodies set us each a new challenge – complete 10,000 steps per Foodie each day in the 7 days leading up to the official Sports Relief date, 23rd March.

To help with this mammoth task, our Sport Relief team organised a range of mid-morning activities and held a midday walking club each day, something that everyone in the office joined in with at some point during the week. Whilst the walking club got a wonderful uptake, it was the impressively creative activities that became the talk of the office. Some, we should say, more than others. Here was our week of activities:

Monday –  revolving table tennis in the village hall
Tuesday – space hopper race through the office
Wednesday – 3-legged race through the office
Thursday – skipping
Friday – assault course through the office

As you can see, the folks organising the fun and games got particularly inventive with the 3-legged race and the assault course. All of which were planned to improve the rate of steps we got each day but succeeded more so in getting us giddy and overexcited by 11.30am each morning. Something that we weren’t complaining much about.

The aim of the week was to hit 1.6 million steps between the whole business throughout the 7 days. After numerous walking clubs, multiple runs around the car park and some cheeky treadmill sessions too, we hit our target in wonderful fashion, by breaking and indeed exceeding our aim by hitting 1.8 million steps between us. A fantastic target from each Foodie. Well done all!

All of this fun was of course in aid of a great cause. A cause we were raising money for. If you’d love to donate, please click here. Otherwise, enjoy the story of our great week!