This year’s International Women’s Day was held on 8th March. At All About Food we’re right behind IWD. We don’t know how anyone could not be. Women are one of our greatest strengths and they’re currently underrepresented (and under-appreciated) in many, many ways. So of course we wanted to celebrate it. You’d have to be a silly sausage not to.

This year’s theme was Press For Progress. The idea being to continue the fantastic work of cultural shifts such as #metoo and #timesup but into a year-round, everyday environment. Which we will gladly get involved in. And last week, we did.

Transfering an idea such as IWD to an office as a physical event could have been a tricky thing to do. We couldn’t have an all-day event because, well, we’ve got jobs to do. So Sam, Jane, and Hannah took it upon themselves to plan a fun-filled, educational and tasty (food is a must at any of our events) afternoon for the whole office. Exciting!

In keeping with the theme of the day (and the business), we started the afternoon with a tasty tuck shop. Each type of food had a price. Bowls of popcorn, tortilla chips (and assorted dips – because we need dips with chips) and sweets were on the agenda. Fill your belly for a small fee. An AAF classic.

After we had chosen our snacks, we were lead into the Village Hall for a little speech by Sam and a couple of videos from the TED Talks archive. To enter our info-cinema experience, there was a cost of £3. You can check these videos out below.

You may have been wondering why we were charging for the afternoon. Well, let me tell you why! All the money raised was to be given to the Skelmersdale Women’s Refuge, to help women who are in need of a little help. A nice touch and the least we can do for such an important and excellent day.

We hope you enjoy the videos we chose and the pictures from our event. We’re excited to continue championing important causes, so expect more to come!