Hello! Welcome to our first blog of the year! How are you? Are you feeling suitably fresh? Do you feel like you’re ready for 2018? Well, if you’re not ready yet (the date is 16th Feb) then you may never be ready. But if you are, you’ve come to the right place! You may have noticed we have a shiny new website to see in the New Year, and it is a year we’re excited to embark on. So let’s make it a good one!

Unless you were hiding under a rock, this week marked the annual day of love and appreciation the world over. A day when you get to spend your time dedicating yourself to the one you love. Nope, it’s not Valentine’s day, it is Pancake Day, with the loved one being yourself and, more importantly, your belly.

Each year we take Pancake Day with a pinch of sugar (lemon, and Nutella) and keep it quite low key, delivering a healthy serving of tasty treats, sitting back and enjoying the day. But not this year. This year things got competitive. Which is always fun… for the winner.

The competition was as follows: make a pancake, flip a pancake and then hopefully go on to win said pancake competition. The winner would be the person who flipped the pancake the highest, and with “the most style”. A term that was as subjective as it was contentious.

Clair started off the competition in expert style, as you’ll see by the pictures in the gallery below. This was followed by, in no particular order, Emily, Hannah, Tom, Joe, Lindsay, Cheryl, Jane, Sam, Nick and Neil.

After many flips, fails and fantastic efforts, we came up with a winner. But first, there should be an honourable mention for the style element of proceedings. So here goes:

Lindsay’s style factor was heavily dance-influenced, Joe did a little spin whilst flipping, but as was said afterward, “we were hoping for a little finesse, but all we got was oil and batter on the floor”. Lindsay was the referee of the whole event, so the style factor was by default won by Joe.

The height element, however, was a much closer debate, one which was never settled to this very day (three days later…). Which means, by default once more, Joe was the winner of the box of Maltesers. Upon winning, he said “I think this is a fix because I am so bad at flipping pancakes” – something which only goes to emphasize how seriously this was all taken.

Please do take a look at our gallery for a more in-depth look at our pancake flipping technique and to see plenty of happy, smiley and competitive faces. Enjoy!