There are often days at All About Food that go down in history – cult days that get spoken about way after the sun has gone down on them, way after a new day is born. And these are the days that the bloggers get excited about. One day in particular sticks out in my mind for a couple of reasons. A day in the office that we call: potatogate.

We’re true Foodies. So much so that we’re always talking about food. How much we love it, how much we want to eat it, and what food we like the best. But our obsession with the good stuff doesn’t end at merely there. We regularly spend our lunches having heated (and we mean heated) discussions on what the best foods, drinks and sauces (obviously) are. One day recently, this conversation turned to potatoes. More specifically, types of potatoes. Please bear with us.

Conversation over lunch is an important part of the day – mainly for the food, but also for laying down the real, solid issues of our times. And in this case: which potato food is the best potato food. It would only take a crack team of potato fans to figure this question out. And that we did.

Let’s get this straight – potatoes are a divisive style of food. Versatile and tasty, there’s too many styles to pick merely one Top Potato. So we picked a top 25. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.

The list ended up being a contentious issue. It turns out that people love potatoes in all forms and the core group of list-makers have gotten some serious Foodie abuse for our choices. So, we decided to let the general public take a look, too. What else are blogs for?

So, without further ado – The list:

Do you agree with this? Our favourite around the think-tank was loaded skins, whilst boiled potatoes brought up the rear. We didn’t include crisps (these should have a list of their own!) I hope this inspires you to eat potato until you pop. Until then, enjoy this lunchtime list!