Autumn is nearly here! The nights are growing darker and the rain seems to be falling at a greater rate than the rest of the year, which means awesome evenings in, gobbling up some delicious tastes and sweet treats.

Every so often we love to give you a wee bit of inspiration for the coming season, and as this is the season that starts to bring the temperature down, we’re going to bring you some recipes to turn the warmth back into your belly.

Butternut Squash Soup with Chili

Talk about warming the cockles! Yum! Butternut squash soup is delicious enough, but with the addition of a few mild red chillies, the little kick you get as an after-taste will make you feel all warm and tingly inside. Only taking 15 minutes to prepare and a further 50 minutes to cook and then simmer on the stove, you’ve got quick and hearty meal. Stick a bunch of crusty bread on the side and you’ll be Autumn-ready in no time. Find the link from the good folk at BBC Good Food here.

Autumn Cornish Pasty

Delicious, warm and filled right to the brim, these Cornish pasties from Jamie Oliver’s recipe website aren’t only simple, but if you make a big batch, you’re able to freeze them and eat them all along through winter (or just eat them all at once and make a new batch at a later date..). Taking a measly 1.20hrs to cook from scratch to scran, you’ll be eating in no time. The difficulty level is apparently ‘not too difficult’, so even those who are relatively pants at cooking will be able to get cracking with this recipe.

Autumn Pumpkin and Whole Wheat Pasta

You can’t really have the taste of Autumn without employing the tastes of the seasons oldest friend, the pumpkin. And this healthy dish certainly does that. Another supremely tasty dish, this combines pumpkin, onions and feta to bring a lovely twist of flavour to dinner time. It’s colourful, healthy and most of all filling for a cool evening in the home. Taking a mere 45 minutes to make, this is such an easy and delightful dish to throw together. Check it out, here.

And finally.. Dessert!

Appleberry Pie

Is there honestly anything more homely than a home-baked pie? We don’t think so, which is why Jamie’s Appleberry Pie gets our pick of awesome goodness to fill that tummy of yours. This pie sounds absolute incredible and even now we’re thinking of heading to our development kitchen and cooking up this fruity feast. This is a totally versatile treat – you can switch up what berries you bake inside the pie, be them fresh or frozen. Yummy! Add ice cream or custard for an additional sugar rush.