We’re called All About Food because we really are all about food. We read about food, learn about food and like to listen about food. Food podcasts are super popular because there’s so much to know, learn and experiment with. Recipe ideas, how-to’s and general information is like music to our ears, and we’re always keen on how to improve our ever-expanding knowledge of food. There’s so many different methods to consume information about consuming food, we wanted to share some of our favourite podcasts to listen to and get our mouths watering and our ears excited. Take a look to see if anything takes your fancy!

Burnt Toast

General American food podcast Burnt Toast is an absolute cracker. Regaling stories about food from all over the US and beyond, this is a slick, cool and interesting pod from the founders of food base Food52. The last episode of the season aired last week and was about a man and a giant pumpkin. I know, that episode sounds kind of crazy, but the way the stories are woven neatly with interviews and narration makes this more than just food audio – it’s storytelling heaven. Certainly a favourite here!

Radio Cherry Bomb

Radio Cherry Bomb is an exploration of women and food, and more specifically – women in food. The general themes mix between cuisines from around the world to women who literally make and create food, new recipes and inspire others to work in the industry. Cherry Bombe is a food magazine and Radio Cherry Bombe, it’s audio sister – literally – provides music to the words of the biannual food magazine. Seriously worth a listen for some quality, considered and vibrant food chat from all four corners of the globe.

Spilled Milk

This one is for proper foodies, but also for fans of irreverent, silly and loveable humour. The hosts –  Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg – are generally affable and funny and their connection is clearly the major selling point of this podcast. They pick a type of food for each podcast, make it themselves and discuss it in great length. And usually with many tangents along the way. The presenters themselves are food experts, but they chilled attitude makes this something to listen to at any time of the day. Great times!

The Sporkful

Another type of pod altogether here, and this one is a thoughtful look at the stories of how food brings people together and the reason why food is more than just an interest; it’s a lifestyle. Some topics include – and are as broad as – race and religion, and comedy and food, and literally everything in between. A highly rated listen and award-winning in it’s field, for something a little more considered, make sure you give this a go.