Bake-Off is back!

OK so this is old news, but The Great British Bake-Off is BACK! After its change in channel from BBC to C4 (we’re still all a little unsure of how we feel about that..), it came back with a bang a few weeks ago and we’re all going BANANAS in the office for it! Who is your favourite baker? What week is your favourite? We, for one, love cake week (obviously) but also dabble in bread week too (who doesn’t?!) – but in all honesty, it’s just too hard to pick a favourite food category from the show, so let’s just go for ‘anything that’s baked on the show’ as our favourite category. Simples?

Juniper shortage, but don’t worry: gin is safe

Juniper berries are a key, important ingredient in the making of Britain’s favourite alcoholic drink, gin. The fruit gives gin it’s really unique, recognisable flavour but there’s a growing shortage of berries in the U.K. But never fret, scientists behind the restoration and safe-keeping of British wildlife say that the berry – and therefore our lovely, delicious gin – is safe in the long term. Fantastic news for a Friday.

Have you been making tea wrong? Probably!

We all know British people love tea. Give us fish and chips, a brew and Coronation Street (?) and us Brits are having a great time. But according to tea boffins at the University of London (what a great job type), 80% of people are making tea all wrong. Tea – according to these tea experts – should be brewed for at least 5 minutes to release all of the flavours. Which we’re betting that most people don’t do anyway – who has time for that.

So if you want a tastier, stronger drink and have more patience than us, leave the leaves a little longer.

A food market with a difference: vegan style!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years (which is impossible because there’s not enough room) you will have noticed a huge increase in awareness, popularity and involvement in a vegan and meat-reduced diet. With this in mind, some smart folks down in That There London have decided to set up, host and continue London’s first ever weekly vegan market.

Starting on 30th September, the festival that will introduce hundreds to new and exciting vegan recipes and tasty delights each week. There will be food, drink and even live music making this a vibrant place to hang out, dance and stuff your face. Arguably, the most fun-sounding weekend ever.