This past Saturday gave us a chance once more to try and raise a little money for a good cause. This, however, was a challenge unlike anything else we had ever done, both as a business, and personally for all Foodies taking part. We took part in this year’s Born Survivor challenge in the Lake District. Yikes!

Always looking for unique and interesting ways to get involved with the local community and helping good causes, this year we decided to help Lancashire children’s hospice and charity Derian House. Derian House was chosen because our Office Administrator, Lucy, has a relative who works for the charity. And we’re all about family, so this was a perfect opportunity.

The story of Derian House goes back a number of years, starting in 1991 as the only hospice for children with life-shortening illnesses in Lancashire. Fast-forward 26 years and the work that staff, volunteers and fundraisers do for the hospice can’t be understated. But, as all charities do, they always need more help. Which is where we tried to lend a hand.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what Born Survivor is, then lucky you! It’s a blister-inducing, muscle-aching and mud-coated assault course that is a true test of one’s ability to endure 10k of tough obstacles. If you think it sounds a bit too much like hard work, that’s probably because it is! We pushed forward regardless, with the thought of fundraising being our number 1 motivation.

As the big day arrived, people were excited and nervous in equal measure. Taking a peek at the Born Survivor website meant people had little but daunting knowledge of the course itself, so when everyone arrived at the event, they were suitably surprised (and a little bit worried!)

Out of the whole team, eight Foodies took part in the challenge. They were: Tom, Joe, Charlotte, Grace, Katie B, Dale, Jen and Neil.

Compared to other things we’ve done (see: Three Peaks), the word from the ground was that this was one hell of a tough challenge, but one that was also really fun! There’s some really awesome pictures from the day that you can check out below. You can expect plenty of mud but also bundles of smiles.

Among some of the obstacles were monkey bars, ‘the cliff hanger’, the freezing ‘submariner struggle’ and the massive ‘over the top’ obstacle climb. All of which are better watching from the side, we presume.

Hats off to the team for putting themselves and each other through the test, all for a fantastic cause. If you’re interested, you can still donate to the page through our Just Giving page, which is here.


We became Born Survivors!


Everything OK there, Katie B?


Go, racers, go!


Grace feeling the heat (or lack of) whilst nothing phases Charlotte