That time has come around again with the leaves falling and days becoming an even duller shade of grey: the Autumn season has kicked in with full effect.

Other than the usual traditions of Halloween, Bonfire Night and PSL (pumpkin spiced latte, obviously!) there’s another tradition that has swept the nation and it’s in the form of the MacMillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. And that’s a tradition we get involved with our best foot forward. And so we did this year.

Each year thousands and thousands of people and millions and millions of pounds are brought together to help the wonderful people at MacMillan continue to provide many different types of support to families and people who are suffering from cancer. What top, top people!

Always excited to put our hands in our pockets to help a good cause, we’re also massive cake-lovers (we take our title as Foodies very seriously) so the chance to spend a whole day eating spongy, chocolatey, jammy, gooey, fudgy goodness was always going to be a chance we would never pass up.

And pass up we didn’t. The day came around with much excitement (a full day of cake on a Friday is like Office Christmas Day) and that excitement transferred excellently into bakes of homemade, shop bought and extravagantly created delights. To add a further element of competition, we challenged each Foodie to produce the best creation in the office – with the winner earning the title of 2017 Foodie Bake-Off Champion. What an accolade!

Included in the bakes were sausage rolls (yum!), blue rocky road (interesting!) and a giant and delightful multi-coloured unicorn cake. With so much choice and such little stomach room, it was a tough decision by the group. In the end, the spectacle that was Katie B’s unicorn cake could not go unnoticed and won the award for both best tasting and best bake. A clean sweep by next year’s Foodie-to-beat.

At the end of the day there was enough cake for everyone to take home, so the party went deep into the night in that respect. What an awesome day for a lovely cause. We can’t wait for next year already!