Nothing brings out the best in the All About Food competitive spirit quite like pitching ourselves against someone we work closely with. Like, for example: Red’s True BBQ.

When the idea was floated around about a golf tournament, both sides of the coin were excited to take on each other and prove themselves to be the kings and queens of the golf course. Depending on which way you look at it, there are two ways to tell the story of that day – through the eyes of Red’s and through the eyes of All About Food Ltd. The results end the same, there are two sides of the tale. And we’ve got both sides for you right here. Check out what our friend Craig from Red’s said about their win below:

Craig’s View
Red’s were represented by Craig Bell, Mat Sherlock, Sean O’Grady and Callum Lynskey. The AAF team was made up of Katie Coleman, Neil Guyton, Tony Rothwell and Matthew Davison.

The format was match-play with greensomes for the opening nine holes, moving on to head-to-head individual matches for the final nine holes. With two points to play for in the pairs and four points in the singles, it was first to 3 ½ points to be crowned champions and take home the coveted trophy.

The greensomes proved exciting and close, but were shaded by the All About Food golfers. The first pairing of Matt and Callum v Tony and Matthew went to the wire with AAF leading by one hole going to the 9th. Matt S sank a long putt on the final hole of the front nine to ensure that the match was tied with both teams registering points on the board (½ each).

In the second greensomes, Katie and Neil took the lead from the second hole and despite it going to the last with Red’s needing to win the hole for a half, it was Neil and Katie that won the hole to take the second greensomes match meaning that AAF took an overall 1 ½ to ½ point lead going into the singles matches.

The singles games proved equally as tight. The two Matthews went head-to-head in the first match with Callum and Tony making up the second singles pairing. With three holes remaining, Reds were up in one (Matt) and AAF (Tony) up in the other game. The final three holes resulted in a bit of a turnaround with Callum taking the last two holes to take a point for Reds and Matt/ Matthew both sinking 12 foot putts on the last to halve the hole and the match. This meant that the first singles group finished 1 ½ points to Reds and ½ to AAF to put Reds into a slender lead of 2 points to 1 with the final singles groupings of Craig v Katie and Sean v Neil to decide the outcome of the match.

In true match-play style the finals singles games ebbed and flowed. Katie (AAF) and Sean (Red’s) took the first hole to put AAF up in one and Red’s up in the other match.
Despite Sean taking a two hole lead through eleven, Neil pulled this back to be level with 5 holes to play in their match.

Craig levelled the game against Katie with a net par on the eleventh and this set up an exciting finish for both singles matches.

Both games (and the match) were won and lost on the par three 16th hole with Katie needing to win the hole to save the game and Neil needing to at least halve the hole to take it to the 17th. Both of Red’s tees shots were safe on or around the green. Katie and Neil chipped delightfully onto the green but Sean took the hole in his match to win 3 and 2. Despite Katie halving the hole this meant that AAF had run out of holes with Craig 3 up with two to play. It was probably for the best that this finished on the 16th as by that point the sun had set and the final two holes were played in darkening conditions – it was so gloomy that Sean even managed to lose the red ball that he borrowed on the last to play as a provisional (sorry Dave S!).

Overall this meant that Reds picked up the two points from the final singles pairings and took the trophy by an emphatic 4 points to 2.

Interestingly, every player scored points over the 18 holes (either greensomes or singles) showing how tight the contest really was.

Thanks to everyone for organising and playing, one of the most fun golf days that we’ve ever had and already looking forward to an expanded (maybe 8 players per team) format early next year.

Until then, the trophy will be residing at Red’s!