Where to next?

So what about the future here at All About Food – we’ve told you about our past but that’s all history….

Well, we have a phrase we use regularly here, which is “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there!”

We like to think we have a very clear idea as to where we are going, and we have already set out on a clear path to reach our destination. To get there will require intelligence, common sense, dedication, hard work, commitment, creativity and, most importantly of all, great people and we strongly believe that we have all these in abundance here at The Tree House.

Our goal is to more than double the size of the business in the next three years – to achieve this will involve developing our existing brands, launching our exciting new brands, and perhaps even adding a few more to our portfolio as we go along. What is clear to all of us is that there is still a huge amount of work to do to and that is what excites us most. Despite our rapid growth there is still an amazing amount of potential in every brand and every customer we work so closely with.

And, with our learning & development programme ‘All About You’, every one of us is developing into a better foodie more capable than ever to face up to the challenges along the way.

Sometimes we think we should have called ourselves All About People, because our people are what makes us different – come see us and find out for yourself, you know we will make you welcome…