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The Yorkshire Three Peaks - An Amazing Effort All Round


As you will recall (because you read each and every blog we write..) last week we posted about an event that was taking place last Thursday to fund further refurbishment of the Birchwood Centre homeless accommodation in Skelmersdale.  Well that event took place, and it was hard. Like, really hard.

Without wanting to go over old ground, the majority of the Foodie family - complimented fantastically by some of the guys at Red’s True BBQ - took on the Yorkshire Three Peaks. And boy, did we take them on. There was such a fantastic level of enthusiasm, no matter which peaks were completed by who.

A lot of peeps did all three peaks, an achievement that was only matched by the effort put in by everybody across the board. But even the guys who did two or one peak managed to push themselves to their limit in a way that should make everyone proud.


The first 20 minutes of the first peak was a shock to the system - take that from me - but whilst a few of us were puffing and panting, we began to get used to the terrain and we started upping our pace. Not much, but steadily. And as we walked higher and higher towards the top of peak one, the air got colder but the mood only got warmer. It seemed that people were having fun! For now, anyway. We were high on the feeling of success. How long would that last? Who knew, but for that moment we were together and in good spirits. Then to the descent.

So it turns out that walking down a mountain is actually much harder than walking up one, and the proof of that was in the knee-caps of all 30-odd of us plodding down Pen-y-Ghent at a rate much quicker than you might imagine. Within an hour and a half, we had managed to walk (and at some point, scramble) up to the top, take selfies and snack on goodies, and make our way down to the foot of the peak. Unluckily for us, though, the second climb - Whernside - was a 6 mile walk away from our current whereabouts, and a few of those miles were through fields, across walkways and past cows and sheep. This was certainly a different type of working day.

To level with you completely, rumour was going around the pack that our instructors had said the second peak was the easiest. Like with many rumours, this turned out to be absolute drivel. The second peak was real tough. Like, a long, drag of a walk tough. The ascent up the mountain was drawn out and offered little by the way of let-up - no moments to catch your breath. The way down was made of a path of uneven rocks and gravelly badness. Imagine dancing down a hill for 45 minutes, and imagine what that would do to your legs - and sanity. Once we got down to the bottom some of us never wanted to see another mountain again. Unluckily for us, we were in the Yorkshire Dales and had a further peak to go. Enter: Ingleborough.


Ingleborough was again less like a walk and more like a climb. The effort to get to the top was grand. It would have been hard even if we hadn’t have climbed two peaks before. But we had, so this was our Everist - kind of.

Climbing up the third peak was tough so there were a few Foodies who didn’t go for it. These Foodies still played an excellent part in the day, but also continued to play a vital part in the events that unfolded. How better to greet the Three Peak Wonders than with banners and flags and cheers and waves - with the odd hug thrown in there for good measure. Welcoming back the two thirds of people who completed the challenge (and within 12 hours, too!) with smiley faces was an important part of the day. And so it proved.

As the final groups of people left their descent of Ingleborough and made their way back to the Three Peaks Bunkhouse, they were greeted by celebration, a beer and a massive Red’s True BBQ feast, hot off the grill. Some things in life are worth waiting for. This was one of these things. A tasty way to end a tired day.

The food and drinks continued on into the night (for some people a little more than others) as we all celebrated taking part in such a magnificent challenge for an excellent cause. No matter the part each Foodie played in this fantastic test, the fundraising total reflected an awesome effort by each and every Foodies and Red’s participant, with the total being, last time we checked, a whopping £2380 - with that total being doubled by All About Food. So at least a figure just shy of £5000 benefitting the fantastic work the Birchwood Centre do on a daily basis.

Our fundraising need not finish their. Feel free to continue donations at our Just Giving page linked in this sentence.

A massive thanks for everyone at Red’s and All About Food who provided amazing effort, laughs, support and most of all fundraising. See you all at the next challenge!