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The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge - This Week!


I don’t know much about the new Twin Peaks revamp, but the real peak of this summer in Camp AAF is the 3 Peaks Challenge we’re taking part in in less than two days time! And we haven’t even discussed what that entails. Isn’t the blog the perfect place to do this? Yes. Yes it is.

As you may remember from an earlier blogs (HERE!), we’ve previously done some charity and community work for the Birchwood Centre, a young person’s charity in the centre of Skelmersdale. They offer help, preventative care and counselling to young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are vulnerable to homelessness or have become homeless. They’re just on our doorstep and we love working with them. That’s why we’ve decided to continue doing so for our next challenge. And boy is it a big one!

On Wednesday evening (this Wednesday! 14th June!) we’re heading over to Yorkshire to stay in our palace for the evening (otherwise known as the inventively named 3 Peaks Bunkrooms, Settle) before having dinner and an early night (probably?) before the big day on Thursday.

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks are 24 miles of gravel, mud and ascent. Taking on the peaks - named Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Inglebrough - is a popular challenge amongst walkers of all levels of experience, and that’s a good way to describe the skill amongst the walkers at All About Food, which is what makes this challenge so… well, challenging.

Across the day, different people will be taking part in either 1, 2 or 3 peaks. Each person will be challenging themselves within their ability but taking part in all 3 peaks is not compulsory. For some people (see: myself) the challenge will be making it up the 1st peak, let alone down it again, and it’s all about understanding what context each challenge is to each Foodie.

The exciting part of the trip is the potential to raise some money for a really good cause. If you want to help us out, be sure to donate at the link below. And what will the money be used for? Good question.

We’re hoping to raise as much as we can (our target is £1,500) to help further decorate the accommodation for the young people who are living there now, and who will make use of the rooms in future. To help give us further perspective, we invited Barbara from the Birchwood Centre to the Tree House to further rouse our excitement. And rouse it did! She explained fantastically about the effect that improved surroundings will have on the young people at the centre, stating how it also means that Birchwood staff can concentrate on other, more human, methods of help. And by gosh do they help, too!

We’re really looking forward to taking part in this challenge. It’s a great way to get together and bond as a team but the greater cause is to help the young people at Birchwood. Please, if you can help with our fundraising, do donate at the link below:

Thanks for taking a bit of time to read this, and wish us luck. Some will need it more than others!