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Food Facts for World Food Day


Other than being a Monday (boo, hiss!) the 16th October is also known as World Food Day - a day where the world appreciates food. To us, every day is World Food Day (World Food Life?) but any chance for some great content and we’re right there. Why not check out our 10 top food facts to make you hungry - or maybe not so!

  • In Brazil, one of the most popular pizza toppings is green pea. If you think ham and pineapple is weird, try out a green pea pizza for size.

  • The winner of the 2017 version of the annual, world-famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest was Joey Chestnut (we’re yet to be convinced that’s his real name) with a whopping 72 hot dogs, which is an actual world record. That being only one of 40 world records Chestnut holds. What a man.

  • McDonald’s sells a crazy 75 burgers a second. That means, if it takes you 5 minutes to eat a burger, 22,500 will have been sold since you bought it.

  • Chillies are so hot because of a chemical called capsaicin, which tricks your tastebuds into thinking you’re actually being burnt. Hot stuff.

  • An average Mexican family consumes 2lbs of tortillas per day. That’s too many tortillas, surely?

  • A survey (the best survey ever) showed that 29% of adults have been scalded or splashed by hot water when dunking biscuits into their tea. We’re actually surprised the figure is that low.

  • Pearls melt in vinegar. A short and sweet fact, for you.

  • The Coca-Cola bottle was originally designed with the instruction that it should be recognisable even if felt in the dark.

  • Sausages are older than the bible. The first recorded description of a sausage was over 4000 years ago. All hail the sausage.

  • Tea bags were actually invented as merely a way to transport and sample small amounts of tea. It was only when people mistook the idea behind them that they became a hit.