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Working For AAF - From Inside The Treehouse


Working in a unique and exciting environment has it’s plus points. It’s not too hard getting out of bed in the morning (other than on the odd winter morning), but that’s really easy for us to say on the blog here without backing it up. So we decided to back it up. Here’s a number of people giving us their views on what it’s like working for AAF. Starting with Supply Chain Whiz, Alan: 

“I hadn’t heard of All About Food before I started, but I was aware of pretty much all of the brands. I’ve only been working for the company for a 5 months, but when I arrived I was surprised at the welcoming nature of the company and just how tremendously positive and vibrant the culture was. The people exude energy and passion and it is infectious. I think to anyone who would be starting a role here I would suggest they be prepared to be immersed in the company culture and be prepared to eat a lot of our products!”

What Alan says is reflected by just how well people settle into the business. New Foodies (and even visitors) are quickly made aware - by the attitude of our staff and the style of our office and the way we act - that this business is something different to the usual. As Colin, our MD states below:

“You are joining a family where relationships and culture extend well beyond just ‘getting the job done’. There are lots of things that go on in the office that are arranged off the back of our Foodies acting as friends, not members of staff. You really should expect the unexpected. I mean, a unicorn in the office - seriously?!

“Coming from 24 years at big, blue chip companies (such as ASDA), everything attracted me to AAF. I started here in January 2016 in the interim, before taking over the business the following June. One thing everyone knows is that we’re a small company and every Foodie has a key role to play in making the business successful and keeping our values alive. We all work hard to deliver continued business success but it enables us to reinvest in our Foodies and to have a lot of fun along the way.”

I think the key thing to realise is that, like the family we are, there are things each Foodie works towards in their job and things don’t always work out in a way that makes us a joyous and giddy, happy family 24/7. Yet when the chips are down we’re a tight-knit bunch who know each other well. And that’s what family is about.

Hopefully you can get the idea from what people say about working for All About Food that it’s a cool place to learn and produce, even if it is a little tough at times. But aren’t the best places?! I think the final quote should sum All About Food up perfectly, and it comes from Kam - fresh from joining the company in February.

“It’s been very busy from day 1. The culture is very unique and I feel really relaxed in the environment I work in. Everyone is as welcoming as the values suggest and it didn’t take me long at all to settle in at all. Whilst the business is totally true to the values and social and personal time it also expects a great decree off effort and dedication in return. Which is just right, I say!”