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Welcome Back, Clair and Lindsay!


If you’ve been following the blog for the past year or so (if not, why not!?) you will know that we’ve had a few people from the business have taken maternity leave. They have headed off to start a new chapter of their life and bring a bunch of new Foodies into the world.

Last year was a great year for this, as we had Hannah, Lindsay and Clair step away from the business to look after their new little sprogs and prepare them for a world of fun and food.

After a seriously loooooong year, and some change within the business (incoming, outgoing, moves and shake-ups) we are excited to announce that Clair and Lindsay have come back into the business in the last month. Yeehaaaa!

Lindsay has taken up her previous role within the sales team, whilst Clair has taken up a new role, leaving her old position within sales and moving over to marketing, working with Nando’s along with Sophie.

We were (and are!) so excited to have them back that we showered them with gifts of hugs and lunches and cakes and a bunch of other lovely things.

It’s great to see you back guys! We’ll be sure to get a blog post updating on how they are, how things are going and how the young ones are getting along and growing up. Nawhhh! Keep your eyes peeled!