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All About Food and the Summer Baby Shower


Here at All About Food it isn’t just the Foodies in the office we hold close. With every internal Foodie comes the people they love, and they themselves are an extension to the All About Food family. With this in mind, we – across the past 6 months or so – received some really lovely and exciting news. Clair and Lindsay – both members of our Sales team – have announced that they are pregnant! (the day before writing Lindsay had a baby boy Enright – congratulations Lindsay!)

After such fantastic news, the Foodies reacted to this in the most appropriate way we know: a celebration. And in true Foodie style, it was amazing!

Hannah and Sam planned a Noah’s Ark themed baby shower with delicious food, fun games and a real feel-good factor that followed, for Clair, Lindsay and all of the wider team.

To start of the festivities, we all met downstairs on the village green to surprise the special Foodies. Upon their arrival and with the conversation flowing, we tucked into some great food of fruit, sandwiches, cakes and loads of other picnic treats.


With our stomachs full and our spirits high we embarked on a game of baby-themed ‘Guess the Foodie’. In the weeks before, Hannah received from each Foodie a picture of them as a wee toddler. These were then put up on one of the notice boards downstairs, with each Foodie getting a couple of minutes to each guess which picture was which Foodie. Safe to say I only got one guess correct, forgetting to put my own picture down for an easy one point. Maybe next time.

After a couple of other games and another slice of cake (or three..) we eagerly gave out both hugs and gifts and went back to our day all the more chirpy and excitable.

Everyone at All About Food are really excited for Clair and Lindsay and wish them the very best, and look forward to meeting the new members of the Foodie family as soon as we can!


By Luke