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Sport Relief and a Foodie Challenge 

At All About Food, we like to get in the charitable mood. We’re also a pretty competitive bunch, so each year when Sport Relief comes around the corner we like to get smack-bang involved by hosting our own Sport Relief Foodie Challenge. This year was no different.

Our Foodie Challenges, in case you’re unsure, are food based games that everyone in the business can get involved in that are one part fun and one part tricky. It’s as simple as that.

Armed with a pen, paper and plenty of ideas, Sam, Hannah and I began working on a plan to have a laugh, raise money and get in the Sport Relief spirit at All About Food. It didn’t take long for our brains to start working overtime and our creative juices to flow like a stream. Some of the ideas practical, some not so much, but in the end we came up with five excellent challenges for our office Sport Relief day.


Among the challenges were ‘Crack Attack’ – the winner of this would be the person who eats  three cream crackers the quickest with only one shot of water to wet the whistle. Our champion was Jordan, who crunched the crackers in such a super-quick fashion we didn’t even start counting the seconds (that may be the reason, but the reason could also be because I never thought of doing so..)

Another game we played was ‘Beans on the Move’ a tomatoey treat of a game in which participants have two desert bowls, one full of beans, with the other bowl empty. The aim was to transfer the beans in the first bowl across to the second as quickly as possible. Brian was Bean King of this round, and walked away with the title for another year (at least).

These challenges were really fun. The enthusiasm that everyone shown throughout the hour we were taking part was lovely to see, and for such a great cause too. It made the day extra special.

Things were only half over, though. Team All About Food weren’t finished with Sport Relief. Not just yet, anyway. Another idea we had was to take part in the 24 Hour Treadmill Trek. From 1pm on a Tuesday 29 April to 1pm the following day, someone would occupy our office treadmill at any one time. Be it 2pm, or 3am, the treadmill must have a foodie on it. Running, walking, skipping, anything. Movement was a must. In true Foodie fashion, no challenge was too far.


Fast forward to 1pm on the Wednesday and Chris took the final step on the treadmill, and what a step it was. Across the day, we had travelled 201km (which equates to Leeds and back, then back to Leeds from our office in Skelmersdale..) and raised pulses, money and come the end, the roof. It was a truly inspiring feat overcome by everyone involved.

We raised a bucket load of money, too. At the time of writing, our current amount totals at a gob-smacking £4353.56 across the two events. This money is going to helping people across the country and the globe for a really wicked cause. A big thanks goes out to everyone who donated, be that customers, suppliers, families or friends, and even the Foodies here. It’s safe to say that Sport Relief 2016 at All About Food was a resounding success, with thoughts already turning to 2017’s challenges. Watch this space.

Luke x