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Our Favourite Red's True BBQ Recipes


4th July festivities - for obvious reasons - aren’t massively celebrated here in Blighty. These celebrations are, however, big in the calendar of our American counterparts as the day that their independence was captured, and this has been celebrated every year since with food, booze and fireworks. What a trio. We’re a little late to the party this year, but summer is the word for these tasty treats.

In celebration, with our favourite BBQ brand - Red’s True BBQ - here at all about food are bringing you the best, most exciting and scrumptious recipe ideas this side of the pond, ideas that have taken ideas from the other side of the pond. Enjoy!

14 Hour Cooked Pulled Pork

A Red’s True BBQ classic, and a dish that is best served low and slow. There was a time when you couldn’t move for pulled pork on any restaurant menu - it was the ultimate food trend. Since then, life has become a little saturated with it, but taking on this recipe and this amount of dedication will only serve to reinvigorate your love for a good, quality pulled pork meal.

Remember to bare in mind you’ll need a good 14 hours to nail this slow-cooked dream, so get up early, stay up late, do whatever you must to make sure you’re keeping your smoker low in temperature and your pulled pork tender. For the details on this, check out the recipe here.

Perfect Burger Patty

Is there anything more classically American than a burger, garnished perfectly and sauced up to the nines? If there is, nobody has told Red’s (or us!), because here we’ve got the ideal burger recipe here for your viewing and eating pleasure.

Our favourite line in the introduction to this recipe? “More fat means more flavour, and getting the right ratio of meat to fat in a burger patty is easy – if you know how” - and that’s good by us. The juicier, the better. And in regards to this recipe here, it’s all well and allowed. Let yourself indulge in the most fantastic, most excellent and most delicious burger - direct from your own home. Feast your eyes.

Baby Back Ribs

Another deep-South, classic American dish that could have been taken directly from an American BBQ joint, you haven’t lived Americana if you haven’t had baby back ribs. Succulent and super tasty, these are some of the most delicious ribs around. 

Take a look here to find the best way to cook ‘em up.

Toasted Marshmallows

Here comes the good stuff. Or more of the good stuff, should I say. Toasted marshmallows are like the ultimate campfire dish for the young and old, and you can find how to make your own perfectly toasted, roasted and fluffy marshmallows here. Raspberry filled and full of sugar, you’ll be sure to hit to moon with a few too many of these delicious treats. Give them a little try!