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Our Restaurant: Version 1.1

When we moved into The Tree House last year it was all pretty great and everyone loved it, no two ways about it. But even on moving-in-day I had a confession to make to the Foodies... "listen, I know you won't believe me, I mean, this place looks amazing and I've worked on it for months and everything but really, it's not perfect, it's not everything you want from a work place, you'll want to change things..."

For ages, no-one moved anything (wait...! maybe it is perfect!) then, we moved some cupboards and shuffled a couple of desks round. Ok, it was nearly perfect, a couple of tweaks and we're there, happy days.

And then Robert arrived. Development Chef + what was basically a big domestic kitchen = something will need to change! And so, six months on from Rob's first day we re-launched our Restaurant today with a celebratory curry :)


The biggest improvement to our kitchen is the addition of a presentation area where visitors or Foodies can sit and watch as Rob cooks up a storm turning us green with envy at the ease with which he creates fabulous meals explaining as he works how he prepared the ingredients and why, which flavours work well together and what you might casually sprinkle over the finished meal to set it off a treat.

We're already looking foward to filling this space with visitors and really showing off what we do best... Food!


What else have we changed? We've added loads more storage and an area where Foodies can safely make a quick brew whilst Rob is in full flow in the main kitchen and we've added more cold storage for development samples and to encourage Rob to cook for us more often... ;)

And best of all... we have a new, super-fast dishwasher which washes up for us in just 3 5 minutes - yay!

So, if you'd like to visit our new Restaurant and have Rob cook up some of our great products* for you and your team, just give us a shout, we'd be delighted to have you along :)


*Rob can do this in your kitchen too, you only need ask!