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MUG Club Lunch: Our American Diner Experience


It had been a little while since we had hosted the West Lancs CVS and the guys at the MUG Club and we really can’t have that, can we! In case you don’t know, the West Lancs CVS (Council for Voluntary Service) are a local community resource aimed at relocating volunteers into local areas that are in need of it most (they also do other things, but that’s a bit of a low down on their work). All About Food work with WLCVS to provide lunches, days out and general fun to both volunteers and members of the community throughout the year. And our summer event took place recently with lots of snacks, (cream) soda and singing. Yep, you read the last word correct. Singing!

Because the summer was here, and with it, the rays of sunshine that comes from July, we decided to make that tenuously link to an American Independence Day theme, which gave us an awesome excuse to cook burgers, hot dogs and super tasty, delicious treats. So hurrah for that!

The day was organised amazingly by Lucy, with help from some of the wider All About Food group. We set up three teams to tackle the jobs for the day with the prep in the morning, service during lunch and clean down after the event (I’ll let you guess which one was the least popular option!), so one Monday morning in July, we put all of the volunteer names into a hat and drew everyone’s jobs fairly and squarely. By this time, I’m unsure anyone was that bothered about which task they were given, we were just really excited to crack on and enjoy the day. So that we did!


As everyone knows too well, if there’s one thing we love at All About Food, it’s cooking, baking and making, so it would be rude to not employ our amazing skills to good effect by baking up some delightful treats. Tony made some rocky road, Katie B baked a fantastically American peanut butter pie and Christine put together a gigantic fruit salad. These were just the tip of the iceberg, too! As you can see by the pictures, in true American style, we provided as much dessert as we did savoury food. It is the only way.

As the guests arrived, we greeted them with all of the tea, coffee and pop anyone could ask for and got stuck in to find out more about them, their lives and what their role is in the community. Many of these guys were community carers, working for local residents to provide a better quality of life to the people in Skelmersdale. It’s really nice to be able to care for these people ourselves, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

As the lunch went on, it was great to observe how all of the Foodies and our new friends were getting to know each other, chatting and having a great laugh with some tasty food. And by way of entertainment, as we previously stated, we had a bit of a sing along complete with a keyboard, song lyrics for people to join in with and a little dance too (Christine and Lindsey were doing The Twist!) - the vibe and atmosphere amongst the guests was amazing, it’s always lovely to see happy faces, beaming smiles and empty food plates at the end of the afternoon. There was even enough food left over to feed some the office, too. How could we complain?

Make sure you check back here for more news on the MUG Club lunches and other community projects we get involved in. Thanks for reading!