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National Vegetarian Week: A Meat Eater goes Veggie


Hello, my name is Luke (Luke C, not Luke M) and I run the blog. For a little while I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to go vegetarian. For health reasons, for moral reasons and just to see what life was like without meat. How would I survive without chicken nuggets?! I suspected I wouldn’t flourish, but I wanted to try it anyway. And then came National Vegetarian Week. What a timely event.

Each day during National Vegetarian Week, as mentioned in a previous blog, we hosted a lunch cooked by a number of people within our wider team as inspiration for the week. The cooking was fantastic and the whole week even inspired one of us to try out a veggie lifestyle for a few days. Here’s me telling you how my week without meat went:

“I had, in all honesty, been considering becoming a vegetarian for a little while. I also, however, acknowledged my taste for the finer (for finer, also see: unhealthier) things in life, and these mostly involved burgers or hotdogs. Therefore, my reasoning was partly moral, partly health, and partly to try and improve my somewhat woeful cooking skills. National Vegetarian Week gave me the perfect chance to try out a lifestyle that I had always been a little too lazy to implement.

So I set out having a little think about what I could eat. This was set to be quite the challenge, so I knew I needed to set my stall out properly. I had a think about what I liked, fruit and veg-wise (I’ve got my eyes on you, peppers) and went out the Sunday before and did a full-on big shop. In this big shop, I mined the vegetable section, got a bit of Quorn in and stocked up pasta by the kilo. I was now ready for my big week.

During the week, my meals ranged from the quick and easy veggie sausage and mash (my favourite meal ever), to three bean enchiladas and the trusty salad. My meal making wasn’t ambitious by the average cook’s standard, but for me this was a truly remarkable change in diet. Oven meals and meat had been exchanged for fresh ingredients and fresh prep.  

I honestly found being vegetarian really easy. It wasn’t like I really missed meat at all, to be honest. I found it as a really awesome way to actually think about what I’m eating and not load my body with questionable ingredients.

Sunday soon came around and I truly had not missed meat. So, I made a decision: I was going to cut meat from my diet for at least 6 days a week. This has mostly been successful in the 2 weeks since I made this decision. Of course I’ve eaten meat (upon visiting family members, they have a knack for ignoring my vegetarianism and serving me some for of meat which is duly and begrudgingly accept) but my consumption has gone down so much. I would implore people to try this change in lifestyle, if even for one week, although I understand it isn’t for everyone. But if I can do it, then I know anyone can.”