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The Importance of Choosing a Good Babysitter

Phil, our MD, often uses a phrase to describe what we do and how we do it… “AAF is like the babysitter with whom you leave the thing most precious to you, safe in the knowledge that your child – or brand – will be cared for and nurtured.”

This is exactly what we do for our brand owners; they place their brands; their most prized assets (after their people, that is!) into our hands.

I would highlight 4 ways in which we ‘baby-sit’ your brands:


1. Understanding your brand’s DNA – we develop a Brand Tree; an insight based brand profile and brand positioning. This is our rules-of-the-road for making your brand flourish in grocery. We’ll also take away the headache of packaging design if you want us to.

2. Focus – given our unique business model and tight portfolio, we ensure each and every brand has dedicated resource and receives the thinking and activity necessary for success. We have a very busy “ To Do” list but equally important for us is our “To Don’t” list – unfortunately we can’t pursue every opportunity which comes our way but even if we can’t work directly with you right now, we will try to help in any way we can offering advice or providing contacts.

3. Commercialisation – our young, dynamic, highly trained NAM team invest whatever time necessary to get to know the needs of our retail customer and then put together winning strategies and activities to meet the needs of retailers, your requirements and also AAF goals.

4. Our Foodies – dedicated food lovers with top notch marketing and sales skills to boot. They will immerse themselves in your brand, developing an intimate knowledge and understanding of the consumer to create compelling positioning and marketing programmes. We also surround our commercial teams with Finance, HR and Supply Chain teams, not to mention best-in-class external partners who work together collaboratively to drive your brand.

So… relax… leave your baby in AAF’s safe hands. We have your number if we need you!