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Sam Speaks at the IGD Conference


Hello all! I'm excited to tell you that this week I'll be speaking at the IGD Category Management and Shopper Marketing Summit. The event focus on 'the power of collaboration' and I'm incredibly excited to be representing AAF and the foodies in this event. 
The event will see speakers from across retailers, suppliers, and agencies share their stories and recommendations for the future of their fields. 
My talk is entitled: Collaborating For Success. From a back bedroom to the Tree House: how challenger brands can take over the world!' And in it, I'll be sharing our story of how All About Food came to be a leader in our field, offering simple and practical advice on keeping category management at the heart of your organisation. I'll also be giving examples of how we've collaborated with our brilliant brands and retailers to achieve some pretty amazing things. 
I'm really excited (and of course a little bit nervous!) for the event. It's my first major public speaking since activity since I was in the school play! But the support I've received from the team has been fantastic- and I'll be giving it my absolutely best shot. 
I'll be sharing the stage with Matthew Langley from Weston's Cider, who is part of the team that lead the way for a new level of category understanding in their market. Check out Weston's and the exciting work they do here. 
So, wish me luck! I'll share the slides on another blog once I'm done, I hope you like them! And if you didn't make it to the summit but want to hear my content, then get in touch :)
Sam x