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How to Make a Happy Foodie!

Hello. Nice to meet you.

My name is Luke and I am the Office Administrator for All About Food Ltd. What does an Office Administrator do, exactly? Well, good question. The answer is simple – loads. Sending out loads of exciting parcels to retailers, meeting and greeting with loads of lovely and friendly guests, answering the phone, generally helping out our Foodies and maintaining our office – loads, loads and loads! I also see my job as something more than just maintaining a sound working environment. I see my job as trying to perk up an atmosphere that may need its energy maintaining from day to day.

All About Food Ltd is a really special business. We as employees work flipping hard, we run project after project and often work long hours, and we always try and make sure the days go swimmingly. But this all pales into insignificance sometimes when your day just really sucks. Everyone has them type of days – getting stuck in traffic, no petrol in the car or a last-minute meeting and your perfect day in paradise can turn completely naff. This is where I like to help. This is where I try and help.


 Pizza Making - Luke and Clair

I’m in a great position with my job whereby I can work with everybody and nobody within the business at any one time. I might do a bit for one person, or a bob for another, but within my team there’s just me and Jane, my line manager. I’m in a really neat position to work hard and have a giggle. I’m in a really ace position to try and help morale in the office when it needs a boost. Or even when it’s real high!

Friday is the best day for mood-enhancing schemes, with everyone usually up for a bit of a laugh given the impending brilliance of the weekend. As a company we’re pretty good at finding reasons to celebrate our success, but sometimes we need a bit of a kick.

The first port of call can be putting on a lunch for everyone, something funky, exciting and tasty to break up the day. Having lunch together as a group always seems to lighten the mood, even if it doesn’t lighten our stomachs. Sometimes we’ll even add a little game in to the mix. A good quiz or a game of categories (here, a letter is picked at random, then each person tries to come up with a unique word starting with that letter belonging to a predetermined category – simple!) often increases the volume and helps get everyone a little bit giddy. Which is always my favourite mood.


Comic Relief 2015 Fancy Dress - Sam, Dave and Hannah

We try and have charity fundraisers, bake-offs and all funky fancy-dress days every now and again to have fun and help others in equal measure. The mood around the office is always fun when there’s a competitive streak in the form of dressing up, whether that be as Tony the Tiger or an iPhone emoji, a mime or a clown, smiles are always wide and donations are as generous as the effort given. It’s a unique and exciting place, as I said.

I hope this has given you an interesting insight into our world in all of its wacky and joyous entirety. It’s not all fun and games here, but when it is we tend to have times we’ll remember for a long while.